Zen & The Art of Music

from The House of Samsara (2013) by God Dieux



I love this song. It's a joy to sing and weave with it as it dances among those that hear and enjoy it. Later we did a few remixes that are super awesome as well and have their own LP on this site. Zen is always the art of Music.


Zen & the Art of Music (Lyrics by God Dieux)

Once we were singers and once we were saints
Once we were lovers playing with paints
Once we were jokers and once we were kings
Beggars and mystics dancing in rings
Lovers and mothers and fathers and kings
Children and lovers playing with rings
Sing us the song of the love of your life
Sing us the song that will empty this night (knight).
Show me the smell that will set us all free
Show me the tree that will lead me to me

Exploding in the night x3 ~ Exploding in the light
Exploding in the night x3 ~ Burning in the night

If you're the wizard and if you're the ghost
If you're the temptress that shows me the most
There'll be a fine seed that will realize the dream
There'll be a fine flutter that shatters this dream
Death by the mystic and death by the star
Death by your lover who took you so far
Zen is the art of the mystic in you
Zen is the art of the music in me
Love me today and I'll love me for you.
Love me once more and I'll love you for you

Exploding in the night x3 ~ Exploding in the light
Exploding in the night x3 ~ Burning in the night


from The House of Samsara (2013), released June 24, 2013
God Dieux - Vocals, Production
Prem Raj - Guitars, Production
Rajneesh Milarepa - Mastering


all rights reserved



God Dieux

“Beautiful! keep creating my friend...” ~ Shastro Rodella (Malimba Records)

Ahhhhh....  mmmm....  Thank you, Thank you.  Very Beautiful  (Touches heart... Namaste...)" ~ Mooji Baba 💚

"I really love what you guys are doing.. with your music and just who you are... I can feel it." ~ Prabhu Miten (Deva Premal & Miten)
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