I remember just channeling the vocals and energy of Roger Waters into this song and just exploring how to be a silent musical stillness in the midst of what Prem was laying down for an electric storm... later I suggested the symphonic entry points and denouement. This year we just finished a monumental remix of this song.


Valiance (Lyrics by God Dieux)

Journey cross the soul into the sea

Journey cross the soul into the heart

Journey cross the mind into the soul

Journey to the source of all that's told

Grasping for the truth with all you know

Journey cross the soul into the sun

Journey cross the moon into the soul

Dying to the light of billion suns

Dying to the light of lovely souls

Eclipsing all that’s known by what is shown.

Living what is true by what is known


Wake up


from The House of Samsara (2013), released June 24, 2013
God Dieux - Vocals, Production
Prem Raj - Guitars, Production
Rajneesh Milarepa - Mastering


all rights reserved



God Dieux

“Beautiful! keep creating my friend...” ~ Shastro Rodella (Malimba Records)

Ahhhhh....  mmmm....  Thank you, Thank you.  Very Beautiful  (Touches heart... Namaste...)" ~ Mooji Baba 💚

"I really love what you guys are doing.. with your music and just who you are... I can feel it." ~ Prabhu Miten (Deva Premal & Miten)
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